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Locky Dock Screens - Christchurch

Locky Docks are electric bike charging stations that have digital advertising screens at the end of them. They are free to use for the public and the screens offer advertisers are a great way to connect with audiences. All 10 locations are located within the Christchurch CBD

🍕 1/6th Share of the digital screen

👀 8 second duration for each slot = 1260 displays in a week

🔍 Demographic & Quantitative reports on who has seen your advertising

📺 Option to purchase 1, all 10 or anything in between.
Number of Screen Sites/Locations
(Per Week)
1 Site
2 Sites
3 Sites
4 Sites
5 Sites
6 Sites
7 Sites
8 Sites
9 Sites
10 Sites
Campaign Length
1 Week
2 Weeks
3 Weeks
4 Weeks
Summary: 1 Screen over 1 Week