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Jazz Festival “LABRADOR”

Intelligent, loyal and affectionate. Demands attention and knows how to get it!
    The Labrador Pack contains: 15 x A1 Broadcast and 2 x Bollard Drop Site Selected

    Tired of sharing space? Dominate our bollard with a FULL length drop!

    Whether you want to go hard and fast or low and slow this pack is perfect for you! - You can choose to split the posters over two weeks or hit the streets with a one week burst!

    Full photo reports of all your placements sent straight to your inbox. What you book is what you get. 100% accountability.

    Broadcast is randomly placed by our system and gives you spread across Wellington to reach the maximum amount of eyeballs.

    Site Selected runs gives you the power to choose specific areas in order to get in front of those you think matter most!

    One creative only, no multiple creative campaigns.

    Art specs and due date can be found on the spec sheet!- Late artwork may result in your campaign not going up, so please be on time.
    (Per week)
    Campaign Length
    (Chosen quantity split across X weeks)
    1 Week
    2 Weeks
    Extra Printing
    (Sent to venue)
    Yes ( 5 A3 + 2 A1 )
    Summary: 17 Posters over 1 Week