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About Us 2.0 is Phantom Billstickers online poster campaign booking portal. If you’re a business owner or a promoter we know you have other things to attend to, so let’s save you some time. is the quick, cheap and easy way to book a campaign. Click, click, done!

The Good Stuff

Because is part of the Phantom family you’ll get access to all these great features


We run on 100% accountability no dodgy bookings or placements. To do this we take photos of every single poster, we upload them to the cloud and send you a link to look at them, in real time and forever available to view.




We use the Phantom street poster network for poster locations and that means the best locations and the greatest amount of locations in New Zealand.




Every time we print a poster we put it through a special print process to ensure those posters go up nice and flat and more importantly are protected from the elements so that the posters won’t fall down because a nasty southerly has rolled into town.

💅Old School and the New School at your fingertips

Street Posters: The classic street poster will always be a staple of the out of home industry and here we have the best street poster campaigns you can buy.

Digital Screens: Phantom has entered the digital out of home age and you can too. We have two digital billboards in two of the most popular streets in NZ. We also have access to New Zealands latest digital screen network - Locky Docks

I feel like I need something else...

Really want a specific site? Need more posters? Multiple creatives in a certain order?
We understand, sometimes you need that extra bit of detail. Just head over to and request a quote and an Account Manager will be in touch to help sort you out the perfect campaign.