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Check out our FAQs below or If you can't find an answer to your question, hit us up via the contact page.

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How can I book multiple cities?
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You'll need to book posters for each city individually. So once you have added your Auckland posters to the cart you can go and add Wellington next etc.

How many posters designs can I do?
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You can do up to two different poster designs. Any more and you'll have to contact for a campaign.

What happens once I make a purchase?
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1. You'll recieve a confirmation email of your order from us

2. Phantom will send you an email with a campaign overview that has the details of the campaign and a site list for you to check out.

3. That email will also have the deadline for artwork to be sent to us, the specs for artwork and where to send artwork

4. You'll send us artwork by deadline or earlier and then we'll go to print.

I need something a little bit more custom for my poster campaign?
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No worries, email with your details and an Account Manager will be in touch ASAP.

How are the posters placed?
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Each poster is placed by default as a single placement on each site unless stated on the special instructions or there is limited available sites in your chosen areas then we place more than one poster on a site.

When, where and what do I do with artwork for my campaign?
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Once your purchase has been made you'll get sent an email with a spec sheet for artwork and when it will be due. Very important that you get an email to us by the due date or your campaign might not go ahead.

Why can I only select a Sunday on the Calendar?
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All our campaigns start on a Sunday. If you want your campaign to start on a different day, call us at 0800 PHANTOM. 

NOTE: First available start date is always one week in advance.

Additional Information?
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If you have any other relevant information pertaining to your campaign please let us know in the additional information text box at cart stage.

Do I get to choose my sites?
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You can't choose specific sites with this platform, only areas of each city that you want to target. All your posters will be placed in the areas you choose. If you want to choose specific sites and placement head over to and request a quote and an account manager will be in touch to plan a campaign with you asap.

Where will my posters be placed?
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Once you have chosen your two target areas of you booking and made your purchase you will be emailed a site list that has the locations of your posters. You can match this up with your campaign fulfilment report that you will be sent automatically once placement begins.

Can I revise my site list?
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No revisions to site list will be able to be completed once you have been sent your site list. Phantom's poster network is the best in class in New Zealand and will deliver the best sites for your campaign.

If you would like to put together a campaign with specific sites in mind please call  0800PHANTOM or visit and request a quote and an account manager will be in touch.

Why can I only choose between Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington?
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We currently only have the website servicing the larger cities. Give us a call on 0800 PHANTOM for more regional specific placements.